Career Direction, Advancement and Transition Coaching

The ideal timing and circumstances for career coaching is different for everyone.

Some clients recognise they’re ready for a change but aren’t sure where to start or what their options are. Some feel their career has been fine, so far, but wonder “is this it?” or “what’s next?” and are curious to check it out.

Others may have been feeling stuck, stale or disengaged for a while until something finally triggers them to take a proactive step and get their career back on track.

Working with Katrina as your coach will guide this process and help you find clarity and direction so you can plan and position yourself to transition your career in a positive, effective and empowering way.


In 3–6 coaching sessions, clients are asked to reflect on their past patterns, career choices and decisions as well as their highlights, challenges and learnings. Also, through professional career assessments, exercises and conversations, Katrina is able to identify the clients’ drivers, values and needs and suggest relevant options and potential alternatives for their personality, background, interests and strengths.

Importantly, the coaching process often helps clients to confirm what’s not working for them at work and what they don’t want to do or put up with anymore. This helps to ‘lift the fog’ for clients to see more clearly where they want to go, re-set their compass and head towards a new path.

Katrina’s experience and skills ensure your investment is a valuable process that leads to meaningful and sustainable change.


Alternatively, some people already know the next step to take in their career but engage professional coaching to help make that transition sooner rather than later. Clients can work with Katrina on specific areas such as:

  • positioning themselves for a new role or promotion
  • improving their resume and Linkedin profile for “career readiness” and professional branding
  • refining application and selection criteria responses to demonstrate relevant experience and achievements
  • understanding the “hidden job market” and creating an effective job search strategy
  • preparing and performing confidently at job interviews, executive presentations and networking
  • career decision making and negotiations; assessing areas of risk, development and opportunity.
  • salary negotiations, how to ask for what you want and negotiate terms and rewards to match your experience and worth