Interview Preparation and Performance Coaching

Have you ever examined yourself from a prospective interviewers’ perspective? How do you shape up?

A depth of industry knowledge and experience across a variety of sectors has given Katrina great insight into what employers are looking for.

Katrina will help you become ‘match fit’ for an interview, to articulate your strengths and key messages and convince an interviewer of your “edge” and leave no doubt you are the right person for their job.

In just a few sessions, Katrina can:

  • assess your interview readiness, strengths and challenges
  • help you match your past experiences to the required criteria of the advertised position
  • ensure you have excellent, authentic examples to convince the panel of your 3 C’s – competencies, compatibility and commitment
  • help you brainstorm likely questions and establish credible responses (not clichés) that demonstrate your ability and make you a stand out applicant
  • role play questions and answers to ensure you are effectively representing (not “selling”) yourself
  • teach easy breathing and mindfulness exercises to overcome nerves or anxiety at being the centre of attention, and
  • learn techniques for creating ‘thinking time’ and getting back on track during the interview and regaining composure if needed.