Outplacement and Executive Counselling Programs (for Organisations)

People affected by involuntary change or job loss often have specific needs as they adjust and transition which can be best supported by a formal Outplacement, EAP or Executive Counselling Program.

Making this a positive experience for employees and organisations is one of Katrina’s strengths.

Executive Counselling and EAP services assist staff adapting to challenges and change in the workplace. The global response to Covid-19 has stretched staff and managers in many ways such as teams working remotely, with limited resources, new technologies and adapting to different ways of working at short notice.

Even if staff are coping well, the benefits of offering Executive Counselling or “wellness check-ins” can ease stress for managers, knowing their valued team members are adjusting to change with professional support to maintain optimum resilience, motivation and productivity.   See below for more details.

Outplacement services for organisations undergoing redundancies can include assisting managers by being present during the notification process, helping maintain staff morale by demonstrating genuine, ongoing assistance for those involved, protecting organisational reputation and providing an objective solution to assist the individuals’ transitions along with the business needs of the organisation.


  • A minimum of 3–6 face-to-face coaching sessions tailored to meet individual needs. Coaching sessions are focused, yet can be flexible to meet priorities and needs.
  • Optional career awareness and skills assessments to underpin the coaching process. Katrina targets these assessments to obtain objective information that she then uses to identify suitable job fit, career goals, search strategy, professional branding and career development plans.

Among the online tools Katrina uses are Edgar Schein’s Career Anchors Assessment; Myers Briggs Type Indicator; and Work Personality Index (“JobFit”).


For more senior executive, defence or longer-serving staff, a minimum of 6 face-to-face coaching sessions is recommended. Program is tailored to meet individual needs based on:

  • career strengths profile including results from professional career assessments
  • career review and goal setting
  • honing the elevator pitch and career statement
  • career decision-making strategies and assistance
  • professional appraisal of CV and LinkedIn profile
  • job search and networking strategies
  • identifying specialist recruitment consultants within the Canberra job market
  • interview preparation, presentation and performance coaching,
  • salary negotiations, how to ask for what you want and negotiate terms to reward s to match your experience and worth, and
  • mindfulness and positive psychology exercises for managing stress and improving resilience and confidence.

Sessions are generally delivered on a fortnightly basis to allow time for completion of research and homework but also to maintain consistency. This can be modified according to individual needs.


Executive Counselling and EAP services provide practical and professional guidance to your staff across areas relating to challenge and change, such as emotional, career and social impacts following the recent transitions to working from home, as a result of Covid-19.

A range of themes may be discussed during a series of half hour sessions with flexibility to cover each individual’s priorities and needs, such as:

  • Emotional wellbeing and self-regulation; self-care strategies (work/life balance)
  • Resilience and stress management tips, teaching mindfulness and positive psychology techniques as needed
  • Staying connected to the organisation: to leadership, management, colleagues, team and stakeholders
  • Self-leadership: working autonomously, consultation and decision making
  • Changes to workplace interpersonal or team dynamics
  • Communicating effectively on different platforms (skype, whatsapp/sms, zoom etc)
  • Overcoming distractions and working productively out of the office i.e. time management tweaks
  • Ensuring alignment of individuals and organisations values, integrity and needs are being met
  • Explore, identify and create positive and solution-focused actions for the month ahead
  • Feedback to individuals and providing resources if/when additional or external personal support is recommended