Public Speaking and Presenting Coaching

Do you find yourself dreading public speaking but it’s an important part of your role or is the difference between your career standing still or moving ahead?

Would you like to improve your business storytelling skills to really engage, excite and influence others?

Public speaking is not about following a carbon copy “textbook” technique or adopting someone else’s gestures, body language or speaking effects.

You already know how to tell a story or present your ideas in a naturally effective and relaxed way. You do it all the time with your friends and family. Yet for many people when they become the focus of attention of peers and strangers, they feel stressed and forget their natural ways of communicating.

Katrina helps her clients become better at public speaking and presenting by conveying their authenticity, presence and humanity to a wider audience.

She helps them be clear and energetic and to build trust and credibility by showing their passion, care and expertise for their topic.

She coaches clients to mine stories from their own lives and careers and align them to the vision, values and purpose of their work and then share them with their teams and colleagues, leaders and broader audiences in a way that engages, excites and influences in a memorable and meaningful way.

Working to meet each individual’s needs, between 3–6 coaching sessions, Katrina’s clients have described working with Katrina in her public speaking sessions as a “real joy”.


From 2013-18, Katrina coached over 30 speakers for TEDxCanberra’s main events, TEDxCanberraWomen and Salon events. This was a pro-bono engagement that involved coaching people from early stages of an “idea worth spreading” into delivering a powerful presentation both on stage and screen.

Katrina integrates her training, coaching and counselling skills to help the presenters effectively prepare, practice and present their stories with expertise, authority and confidence including elements of humanity, humour and connection. Working with TEDxCanberra speakers has been an exciting and rewarding complement to Katrina’s successful executive coaching practice.

Links to TEDx Canberra presentations can be viewed here

Testimonials of  Katrina’s TEDxCanberra coaching:

Katrina, I just wanted to share a revelation with you. I am accepting an award in Sydney tonight for my research and I am scrabbling a speech down on a post it note. And the image of working with you in your office came to me very strongly. I think every time I write a speech now I will be taken back to those important lessons you helped me understand. Speak from the heart, it’s OK! Thanks again.

Dr Anita Collins, international music educator

Working with Katrina was a real joy. Her professional abilities and expertise helped me to develop my ideas and presentation from an information dense lecture to an accessible and personal presentation. Working together, we identified the most important components of my presentation and discussed ways to communicate these effectively. Beyond this, I found Katrina’s tips and techniques for presenting professionally invaluable for getting me up on stage and beyond.

Daniel Pascal Harris, Seed Head Design