Effective Relationships

Few people work in isolation. Managing relationships is a constant throughout anyone’s career.

Whether you are trying to influence clients, peers and managers, or a team, your relationship management skills can make the difference between success and mediocrity, or job satisfaction and stress.

Katrina’s philosophy is to help people be authentic and comfortable within themselves, not a version of who they or others think they should be. This is necessary when learning skills for developing effective relationships to ensure they don’t interfere or compromise your own personal style.

Katrina’s framework for developing effective relationships starts with participants developing a better understanding of their own “habits of mind”. Emotional self-awareness is the first step for people in understanding how their own emotions effect and impact on the people around them.

Workshop participants explore self-regulation of their own emotions and the importance of trustworthiness, accountability, adaptability being open to new ideas.

Participants then explore the “filters” or unconscious biases they might have when they listen to and interact with others.

They are then coached in ways of listening and asking questions to better understand why others feel a certain way about an issue or action.

Workshop topics include:

  • emotional self-awareness and regulation
  • attentive silence, effective listening and active questioning
  • choosing the right communication medium at the right time
  • defining successful relating regardless of personality and style differences
  • building trust and delivering on outcomes
  • understanding and accepting personal and cultural differences
  • managing conflict and challenging relationships particularly during times of change when people are at their most anxious and uncertain.