Stress Management and Resilience

What are the physical, mental, emotional and behavioural symptoms of stress?

How can we learn from these and our past experience to proactively protect ourselves from the effects of stress in our busy lives and build strategies for greater resilience in future?

In her sessions, Katrina will help participants:

  • learn how stress can affect their mind, body and emotional well being
  • gain awareness and understanding of their triggers and responses to stress
  • understand how protective factors of resilience can be integrated in their daily life
  • identify existing effective stress management strategies and explore alternatives to try in changing and challenging circumstances – creating their own DIY resilience map
  • identify unhelpful reactive thinking and behavioural patterns and learn strategies for replacing them with more positive, healthy ones, and
  • learn and practice positive psychology and mindfulness exercises to encourage resilience, being more present and reducing typical responses to stress.